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iFill® 5 Smart Spa Overflow Control System

iFill® 5 Smart Spa Overflow Control System

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  • Item Number: iFill® 5 Smart Spa Overflow Control System 
  • iFill™ 5 Spa Control System , Model: L0903A
  • Redefining The Spa Technologies
  • The water overflow during the filling of the basin occurs very often and is a major safety concern for both the clients and salon technicians. Therefore, it is beneficial to have an intelligent automatic water filling system to prevent water overflow in the pedicure spa system. The patent-pending iFill® 5 with TOUCH keypad is the most advanced and comprehensive spa control system in the industry today. iFill® 5 is an integrated and smart electronics system that has the capability to control everything in a spa, including the JET pumps, lights, discharge pump with timer, and especially the automatic basin fill to prevent water overflow. No water level sensor is needed, which makes installation extremely easy, and suitable for operation with any tub materials and thickness.
  • iFill® 5 System can be used with all brands of Jets and Spa tubs
  • Can be used with or without disposable liner. 
  • Touch Keypad and very easy to use. 
  • Display will show how many times the pedicure chair has been used.  
  • Easy-to-read water Temperature display (F or C). 
  • Elapsed-time display so that Technicians don’t need to carry a clock with them. 
  • Heavy-duty industrial graded brass water valve and flow sensor package. 
  • Useable in either automatic or manual modes
  • Adjustable water level. 
  • 3 switched on/off and 1 continuous outlet
  • 1 drain pump control outlet with a 3-minute timer. 
  • Built-in 1 hour safety timer. 
  • Reliable, simple, compact size and easy to install. 
  • UL safety recognized. 
  • Made in the U.S.A from U.S and Global Components. 
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