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iRobotics 9 Max PLUS Billionaire Edition Medical Massage Chair

iRobotics 9 Max PLUS Billionaire Edition Medical Massage Chair

35.000,00$ Giá thông thường
29.990,00$Giá bán rẻ
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iRobotics 9 Max PLUS Billionaire Edition (i9 Max BE) Medical Massage Chair


MSRP $35,000



No Interest Financing avaliable

• Free White Glove Delivery (limited time only)
• Free Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor
• The only certified made in USA brand

Proud to be Made in the USA with high-quality materials that can last for decades, the i9 MAX Billionaire Massage Chair model has all the features of the i9 MAX Special Edition and the additional features below. This edition is built per order.


The Newly Released i9 Max Series (The Rolls Royces of Massage Chairs) offers Complete Relaxation of Mind and Body – Don’t let stress affect your health, and Don’t settle for outdated technologies.


• SOFTWARE CUSTOMIZATION (LEVEL II PACKAGE): Special Embedded Software Version for Keypad PCB, Motherboard PCB, Daughter Board PCB that allows users to customize the chair performance in all Auto Modes

• Customized remote control software with OWNER'S PICTURE on the welcome screen

• DOUBLED 3D ENGINES (2X3D) WITH PATENTED “BUTTERFLY TECHNOLOGY” (full back, neck, and shoulder massage at the same time)

SOFTWARE CUSTOMIZATION (LEVEL I PACKAGE): Special keypad screens showing ownership, e.g. “This chair is Specially Made for Dr. Smith”

Genuine leather OWNER’S NAME TAG on the chair

Wireless charger for smartphones with 2022 QI TECHNOLOGY


BACKUP EMERGENCY POWER to restore the chair to the original position. This feature allows user an easier exit from the chair in case power is lost

and ALL these following iRobotics 9 Max (i9 Max) Medical Massage Chair features:

• Patented Split L-Track
• Patented 3D Butterfly Technology Rollers
• Zero Gravity?
• Patented Powered Easy-Entry Armrests ?
• Over-The-Air (OTA) WiFi Unlimited Software Update
• Adjustable Positions for Shoulder & Bicep Massages
• Automotive Leather For Entire Chair?
• Arm and Hand Rollers
• Tripled Foot Rollers
• Unique and Advanced Body Stretching Technique
• Calf Rollers
• Heat Zones (Lower back, Hands, Feet)?
• 5 Level Adjustable Intensity Settings for 6 Body Areas
• Touch Screen Remote Control?
• Unique Tapping Rythms (Constant, Percussion, Variable)
• Rolling
• Adjustable Tapping and Kneading Speeds
• Body Twisting Stretch
• Hand and Arm Stretching Massage by Powered Actuators
• Foot and Spinal Stretch
• 5 User Memory Saving Profiles
• Customizable Individual Body Part Massage
• Body Scan?
• Automatic Leg Length Adjustment
• Pause Function
• Sleep Mode
• Bluetooth Speaker (10W)?
• Intelligent Self-Diagnostics
• Human Voice Response in English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, French, and Spanish


This product and its subsystems thereof have been awarded the following U.S Invention Patents: US10092480, US10724549, US10639230, US10891000, US10842708, US10905624, US10849819, US11110030, D772628, D772593 & 6 Patents Pending

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