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Luraco Magna Jet II

Luraco Magna Jet II

180,00$ Giá thông thường
154,99$Giá bán rẻ
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Item Number: Magna Jet II

           MSRP: $175

BLACK FRIDAY SALE $154.99  Plus Free Shipping 

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Luraco Technologies is proud to be the inventor of THE BEST PEDICURE JET IN THE INDUSTRY®

  • Patented magnetic coupling technologies (US10,215,178; US10,215,177; US10,288,071; US10,278,894; US10,302,088; US9,926,933; US9,855,188; US 10,451,071; D622,736; D698,368, and other patents pending)

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  • Voltage: 120V/60Hz, 220VAC/50Hz
  • Power: Only 30W (Green Technology)
  • Warranty: (1) Year Warranty
  • Estimated Lifetime: 10 Years"


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