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Magna-Jet® for Hydrobath, Model: L1202A

Magna-Jet® for Hydrobath, Model: L1202A

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The issue associated with bacteria in old pipe jet systems is now a thing of the past. LURACO Technologies has solved that issue with a revolutionary Magna-Jet® product.

  • Long-life brushless motor
  • Designed for sanitary water therapy
  • Easy-to-clean and sanitize, Germ & Bacteria free
  • Silent operation for enhancing relaxation
  • Built on LURACO’s proven magnetic coupling technology
  • Air feature (optional)
  • True Green Technology, energy saving
  • Quick installation, easy retrofit, save labor cost
  • High reliability – Use with confidence and worry-free!
  • Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A
  • Patent US9,855,188 
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