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Power Shortages Got You Down? The i9 Max Series Has the Solution!

Luraco - I9 Max Series- has the solutions
Power Shortages Got You Down

Do power shortages in your area lead to getting stuck in massage chairs? The Luraco i9 Max series is uniquely equipped with emergency back-up emergency power, so you'll never get trapped during an outage again.

Unexpected power outages can happen anytime, and no one wants to end up stuck mid-massage when the electricity suddenly cuts. Thankfully, the Luraco i9 Max series comes prepared with a Back-up emergency power.

This allows you to safely get out of the chair with ease when the power stops. Other chairs simply lock in place, creating a scary, trapped feeling.
Luraco chair with Back up emergency power

This built-in emergency power automatically activates during outages to restore the chair to the original position (recline sections). This allows you to safely get out of the chair with ease when the power goes out. Other chairs will lock in place during an outage, creating a scary and trapped feeling.

Only Luraco massage chairs qualify for UL certificate's
Luraco massage chairs with UL certificate

Safety is paramount when it comes to massage chairs, and the i9 Max Series goes the extra mile to guarantee it. The chair has undergone rigorous testing and certification by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a globally trusted independent safety science company.

The comprehensive UL certification covers multiple aspects of safety, including:

  • Electrical: Rigorous tests to ensure protection against shock, fire, and mechanical hazards.

  • Materials: Evaluation of durability, flammability, and toxicity of components used.

  • Performance: Assessment of proper functionality and operation under various conditions.

  • Environmental: Review of the chair's environmental impact and sustainability.

This intensive testing validates the safety of the i9 Max's design, components, and manufacturing, assuring the highest levels of product safety and reliability.

Don't let power problems spoil your relaxation time. With the Luraco i9 Max's innovative emergency battery system, you can fully immerse yourself in a massage session without worrying about being trapped during a power outage. The UL certification further reinforces the chair's commitment to safety and peace of mind for customers. Embrace worry-free operation and experience unparalleled comfort with the i9 Max series. Learn more about its unique power outage features now!


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