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The Last Massage Chair You'll Ever Need

Want a massage chair that actually delivers the customized relaxation you crave? Look no further than the Luraco i9 Max series - it's the most advanced chair out there. This smart massage chair scans your body to tailor the massage just for you.

It won't waste your time with a generic massage that misses the spots you want worked on. The i9 Max learns exactly where you hold tension so it can target those areas for maximum relief. Pretty cool, right?

Another great feature is that it accommodates really tall people up to 6'10". No more cramped foot massages!

The i9 Max series massage chair provides unmatched massage intensity customized through its industry-leading design.

It incorporates 100 airbags that inflate to apply pressure and release muscles for deeper relief. Combined with 12 motors that drive the massage rollers, the i9 Max offers more intensity settings than any other model. This allows users to truly personalize and maximize the massage experience based on their preferences.

And it fully stretches your back, arms and legs for awesome decompression. Those full coverage arm massage rollers will hit all your muscles from fingers to shoulders.

You're in complete control to personalize the massage to your liking. Choose from 5 intensities, 5 speeds, and specific zones from your neck all the way to your feet. You can save unlimited massage programs to get the exact experience you want at the touch of a button.

The zero-gravity feature is so relaxing too. It gently reclines your body to take pressure off your back and open your airways.

Luraco provides 10 years of warranty coverage on the leather of the i9 Max Series massage chair to ensure it lasts. Most brands only offer 1-2 years!

With all these advanced custom features, the Luraco i9 Max series truly is the only massage chair you'll need. Get your personalized at-home spa experience now!


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