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Luraco Magna Air Jet

Luraco Magna Air Jet

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  • Item Number: Magna Air
  • Luraco Magna AirTM (New Release)
  • If order more than 10 units or ship international, please call for shipping quote 


* Patent No. US 10,357,427 B2

* Warm air bubbles for soothing feel to customers feet.

* Perfect for customers concerned with cleanliness.

* Works with disposable liners with easy clean-up.

* Magna AirTM is easy-to-install, the same as the magna-jet. Air dispenser sticks directly to any liner.

* Works with any pedicure tub without any modifications (using the same 3.5inchs hole diameter and space in the pedicure basin).


Please note that Magna Air will not work without a Sani Air Dispenser


Luraco Magna AirTM– an air pump and relaxing air bubble system that allows for air to go directly to the soles of the feet!


Warranty: (1) YEAR WARRANTY

Estimated Lifetime: 10 Years

User Manual: Click here 

Click on Video Link: Luraco Magna Air Demo , Luraco Magna Air Jet For Pedicure Spa

Why should you choose Luraco Magna Air (air massage for pedicure spa)?

  • Extremely Reliable - Use with confidence and be worry free!
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to install
  • Low power consumption
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